Couple Counselling available again

Hi everyone. I just want to advise that as of February 2024, I have recommenced my Couple Counselling Intensives again, after a 16-month break. I am looking forward to working with couples again.

New Clients

Robyn invites you to visit her website pages for more information about her specialised field, Couple Counselling 2 Day and 1 Day intensives. She is located in Mt Maunganui, Tauranga. Start at the main page:

Robyn Haaker new office location

I would like to announce that as of 1st June 2019, I will be practicing from the new office location, 355d Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui.

The last day at 190b Maunganui Rd office location will be Thursday 30th May 2019


I am so excited to be able to offer this form of couples counselling, and it compliments the Imago Therapy as well as other training that I have available for couples therapy.

I am continuously updating my skills and this is part of my commitment to my work and to my clients.


On Friday 1 May 2015 I moved into my new office at 190b Maunganui Road, Mt Maunganui Its so exciting to have my own office with all my nice things in it.

Look for the Bay Counselling sign outside the building and my sign. So let your friends, family, colleagues, and the community know where to find me. I will post a photo of the new signage shortly when it arrives.

About Focusing

I have great expectations of increased awareness and personal growth for those who attend my upcoming Focusing Workshop.

I firmly believe that learning Focusing will bring you skills that will vastly improve your quality of life. This is a description of the method:

  • An easy , step-by-step method for starting with any problem or stuck situation and finding relief, insight, and new steps of action, so you feel bigger than your problems and in control of your life.

How To Stay Bigger Than ………..

• Stress • Blocks • Internal battles
• Business of life • Pain
• Grief • Confusion

Every day we are faced with rising stresses and strains, and Focusing will give you the skills to cope better with these issues, and even empower you to make wise changes in your life.

This is from Focusing Resources:

At Focusing Resources, we believe that every person deserves greater self acceptance, better emotional balance, and more satisfying relationships.

We believe that if everyone were to learn this simple skill, the world would be a calmer, clearer, better place, so we’ve made learning Focusing possible for those anywhere, anytime, and in any economic situation.

With Focusing, you bypass the intellectualization and go directly to where you have a deep body-knowing about the situation. What is this body-knowing?  It is the internal wisdom which we tend to ignore. Our bodies are able to sum up a whole situation into a special kind of experience called a felt sense. Felt senses are fresh; they look ahead; they are about what’s needed. When you learn Focusing, you learn how to get felt senses, be with them, and listen. From there, your whole life can change.

Focusing can be used to address a wide array of issues. Is this you? When we feel upset and agitated, we typically turn to our intellect to solve the problem. This works well… until it doesn’t. Life’s toughest problems, especially those involving emotions and other people, can’t be solved this way. Do you feel stuck? Like you’ve tried everything and nothing has worked? It’s not that there’s something wrong with you, it’s that the way our culture is set up leaves us cut off from our bodies,a  powerful source of wisdom. If you suffered traumatic experiences or come from a dysfunctional family, that makes it even harder to stay in touch with yourself.

Take a look at the dates and times of my next Workshop here: