Robyn far exceeded our expectations. Time with her gave us many times more benefit than I had hoped for. Incredibly, we both moved from stuck and despondent to hopeful and energised in the space of two days. We also both discovered some profound truths about ourselves that we will probably spend the rest of our lives unpacking. She has the wisdom, empathy and insight to take you wherever you need to go and she provides the safety and comfort for you to do so.
It is unusual for me to be this gushy but that was genuinely life changing.

We learnt a lot about one another in just a handful of sessions and that has been amazing.

We feel that we are in a really good place and continue to apply your methods. We realise that we took each other for granted and we now make plans for our future together.
We have appreciated everything that you have done for us and talk things through to ensure this does not occur again.

Thank you so much, you saved my sanity and our marriage.

Robyn changed my life.  She took me from despair and no vision for my future, to optimism, hope, and a whole new approach to life.  I had seen Robyn work with colleagues before and saw the personal strength they gained through their time spent with her.  When my own life took a downturn I was thankful to know who to go to for help.  If you want to learn how to live alongside the tough times in your life rather than becoming immersed in fear and doubt, I would highly recommend you invest in spending time with Robyn.  I will be forever grateful that I did.

An absolute gun. Very lucky to have found someone this good and qualified in New Zealand. Highly recommend and thanks again Robyn

I cannot recommend Robyn’s services enough – the difference she made from just our first session was literally instantaneous. She told me what I needed to hear (although I might not have liked hearing it in that moment it was exactly what I needed). Further sessions gave me more insight into my issues, tools to deal with recurring destructive thought patterns and behaviours, and a new lease on life. I am forever grateful for this. I do not know where I would be right now without Robyn’s help. I am sure I would not be as emotionally, mentally and physically balanced as I am now. Robyn literally gave me my life back (from me to myself, as it were) and I love her for it. Thank you Robyn from the bottom of my heart – you are wonderful.

She was amazing.

Me and my partner came and saw you at the start of the year as our relationship wasn’t working that well because my partner was a full time smoker of the synthetic drug. Since feb my partner has been clean and is currently living a positive healthy lifestyle.

We communicate a lot more and hardly ever argue, just recently went on our second holiday this year and celebratedd our four years together. I feel that we have an extremely healthy relationship and forever grateful for helping us both. If we were ever to require support again I would not hesitate to contact you. Thank you for making him especially realise that there is more to life to be thankful for and that there is always support out there if you want it.

Robyn’s attentiveness, compassion and empathy synthesise to produce a keen intuition that was sensitive to the subtleties of my dynamics. Her knowledge of tikanga Maori processes and skill base in working with wairua deepened her connection with me, through my tupuna and the atua. Her analytic insights in my korero have always been carefully weighted, holistic in their scope with deep reverberations through my life history. Subsequently they are very profound and poignant, and have produced significant improvements in my wellbeing, freeing me from my own psychologically imposed restrictions. Nga mihi nui xx

Thank you for giving me my life back.

Robyn is Amazing at what she does, couldn’t recommend her enough.
she’s an absolute star.